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Terms & Conditions

Sukooon Car Care is a professional vehicle washing service that exercises the utmost care with customer’s cars however, given the varying degree of vehicle conditions we visit to service will not be responsible for:

  • Pre-existing damage whatsoever
  • Valuables left in vehicle
  • Open windows and sunroofs
  • Cracked or chipped windows including tints
  • Oxidised, chipped, blistered or flaked paintwork
  • Modified or altered vehicles-including wheels or poorly fitted aftermarket accessories incl. number plate frames
  • Automatic door locks, kill switches or alarms
  • Cracked or faulty, bonnet, windshield, headlight protectors, loose mudflaps, side skirts or bumpers
  • Automatic door locks, kill switches or alarms
  • Antenna’s and roof racks
  • Faulty ignition, batteries, alarm keys or mechanical faults
  • Vehicle graphics

If your vehicle has pre-existing damage kindly advise our “Customer Service Attendant” in order for Sukooon exprt to take the necessary precautions.

Sukooon appreciate your acknowledgement and acceptance of the above Terms & Conditions prior to entering our car wash facilities.

Sukooon. Delighting drive at your doorsteps,